Tevo Tornado Unboxing Build and First Prints! The First Actual CR-10 Killer? Coupons JAN 2018

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33 Comments on "Tevo Tornado Unboxing Build and First Prints! The First Actual CR-10 Killer? Coupons JAN 2018"

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I have owned a Tornado for a little over 3 months now, I have to say it does print well when it works but it suffers from being built with poor quality components and I have had several issues because of that. Some examples are:-The controller box knob was poorly made, had to be removed to properly use the rotary encoder-The bowden tube connector failed, rendering the printer unusuable – had to purchase replacement myself-The kapton tape used on the hot end pulled apart, leaving the hot end uninsulated – purchased aluminium tape to solve this-The controller box fan is… Read more »

Great unboxing and assembly video! Well done. 🙂

Does it have the print resume function?

Who won the CR10? I know it wasn't me as I haven't had an email but would be good for you to update everyone.

What is better for a first printer. Tevo tornado or anycubic i3 mega

Is the hotend an E3D clone? I thought it was the same as the CR-10.

If you are going to say Jo Prusa's name it pronounced "Proosha".

shoulda used the crocodile dundee line "at's not a knife…at's a knife!!!"
Hah…I gotta quit watching you guys…makes me wanna buy another printer!!!!

Why would they take the time to assemble the whole unit do a sample print than even disassemble the bed and springs?? That makes NO sense. Why not since they copied the entire CR-10 why not copy their packaging design as well? At the current price, this is a 1:1 competitor to the Creality only from Tevo
Love your vids keep doing them and whoever told you to "lighten them up" tell them to shut up. For those of us addicted to your vids we like them as they are/were
Dr D

Great video! Love the jokes and clips

For the record – We were not laughing AT Prusa – BUT AT THE PRICE difference. We have the utmost respect for Josef

So it’s a Chinese knock off of a Chinese Creality CR-10? Same print size and all?

That's not a knife…………….

https://youtu.be/6Q546Oiwq_w TEVO Tornado & bed leveling from LCD screen with the custom firmware from Medelis 3D

I was thinking of getting one of these tronx ones in the future but haven't seen anyone really review them since their quite new.

Unfortunately bit low on spare cash atm to dish out another $500 for a printer after spending $5500 already on the Milkeshake3D printer (shipping and gst always gets you).

OMG what a dang bad copy of the cr-10! That is dumb. Everything is the same it’s a copy so it’s not better then the cr-10!

Copy CR10, evaluation is meaningless, nausea!

e3d hotend, hahahaha, its a clone

This printer is a joke.
Over a month now since I got mine and its been a complete nightmare.
Broken bed, broken cog on the extruder. The replacements they send me were even messed up and then to make matters worse they raised the price to replace the replacements…
By the time I finally get my printer working I will be 150 bucks over the buy in price just trying to get this POS to work properly.

i love the new and improved videos!! keep up the comedy!!

TEVO Tornado(EU) $359.99 with coupon:TEVOna

TEVO Tornado(US)$399.99 with coupon:TEVOfull

LATEST CODE: Tornadous1

hey i have watched a few of your videos among alot other reviewers so far i have found your reviews very informative an honest. i am currently thinking of buying a 3d printer an to me it seems the tornado with the smoothers is a pretty good deal with good quality… what are your thoughts and recommendations? looking for the cheaper option complete kitsets ect arent a problem this is just the conclusion i came to so far how has the printer run for you over the months??

After months of waiting, my Tornado arrived, and it is definately a much improved version, of a CR10 as I have 2 of those as well. The Tevo style of "titan" extruder, and the much quicker and insulated heatbed make this a better machine. These came out almost a year after the CR10 to the market so it has several improvements. The 110 volt heated bed alone makes it worth more than a CR10 to me. The green aluminum parts seem to be of thicker material as well.

my dream

I can't be find the Simplify 3D profile for the Tornado in the description….can you post the URL?

I hope I win the giveaway

Thanks for the video. After seeing I ordered a Tornado.
So far not impressed with Gearbest. Ordered on Oct 28th and as of Nov 7th it still hasn't shipped.
How long did yours take to arrive?

At least, they have not taken your knives, YET!!!

ordered one @gearbest a month ago. still not shipped. nice

Thanks for sharing 😀👍

This would be my next 3D printer.

11:20 I thought "I don't know what an "e mater" is?" then I realized its the accent. Motor is what you are saying not mater. Any ways I am excited to see the reviews on this printer I want to know if its good. It look so promising.and I'd love a CR-10 that can print ABS or nylon.


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