PlayStation Presents – PSX 2017 Opening Celebration | English CC

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44 Comments on "PlayStation Presents – PSX 2017 Opening Celebration | English CC"

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ZZzzz….if there are people who really care about all of this e-e

someone tell me is this the real Psx

Wow. They really killed this event for the sake of beating xbox with that Paris games week thing. Zero buzz for this.

Starts at 30:00

ZZZZzzzzZzZzzzzzz ZZZZzzzzZzZzzzzzz

Por favor en el psx 2018 no agan lo mismo

What time is the real PSX?

amazing show , I watched all of it .

Basically same recycled games with no release dates

Detroit looks amazing!

Is it even possible to save that deviant android at all? Seems like he will die no matter what choices you make. I would like to have the option to save him.


Is Playstation competing for the most boring conference in the year? I think this conference is the winner no doubt

Medievil is coming back… I just saved you 3 hours of your life.

no Spider-Man ps4 yet hope they have the game there

Is there a 4K stream too?

this is so boring, they no presented nothing new, the game awards was better than this conference

Muy largo y aburrido

Medievil is coming back but it's just a REMAKE ! Nothing new .

the worst PSX, sorry Sony, but is the reality.


I get they want to change it up but this always felt like going to the Stanley Cup Finals, this felt like going to a regular season game. Panels are the aftershow so it feels like I'm asking when it's going to start. Good to see House out of a suit though. Let's not do it this way again. You got your break from the usual but the E3 style is much better. That's what fans want, they wanna feel like they're going to E3.

Bloodborne II baybee!


Gaming at 29:59

Kinda Funny's Greg Miller? That dude has never been funny.


stop copying xbox get y9ur own ideas

Katamari with holes?

1. this was meant to be an experience, not a "show." 2. Sony did warn us before hand that this wasn't going to be a spectacle. 3. PICKLE RICK! IN VR!!!!

Hahaha Xbox one x and psx

Just saying i my ps4 games can not run on the ps5 I’m going to flip. Plz use backward compatibility


detroit become human was amazing.. i was sold but now i am beyond sold 😉

I sure love the color blue 😀

Anything on days gone tomorrow? anything good tomorrow? can't find any info on the games Dec 10th

Don't be surprised by the lack of announcements. We already knew that they brought a lot of their announcements to Paris Games Week instead. The Game Awards, as well.
This PSX was set up to be relatively uneventful, and that's fine. We still get some really interesting conversations about games

10h of blabla blabla
10min of games

I was Angry For wasting my time untill someones said blow (Star Lux) its just the opening celebration. But (original comment) All they needed was a special announcement or an offer. They should have called it a podcast like a commenter said and I forgot his name below

I can't wait for it to come out

Booring Xperience 2017, worst sony event from the century

I'm er back

2:13:12 "Where's the Vita?!" I'm not gonna cry…

Can u use vr on it


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