Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 36 – Finishing Survival Houses

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15 Comments on "Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 36 – Finishing Survival Houses"

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Hey! This series is actually pretty cool and I am looking to do one of these myself, want to do a collab?


Last episode I watched the whole thing but decided to not request a room because I just subscribed, so that's why.


First coment

For the wool part in the house I have found that white wool and white concrete power looks good together, and also I have had the same problem with staircase so I just use slabs and if you do it right it should end up at the same place as if you were using stairs.

hey jay it me absoluteginger just changed ma name good vid keep uo the GREAT work man🤣

Nice build


Hey, just wondering are you looking for a collab. Look I know I am a small YT but it would be really nice of you and it could help me. I completely understand if you say no. BTW, I have Twitch Mod Launcher.

Can you please play chaotic prison again

Jay what happend to you?

Hi I'm a new subscriber to your. Channel my name is sammy and I have a YT named Crew'n Sam I share it with my mom we play roblox!

Another great video!

Hope everyone enjoys the video! Also, if you guys enjoy the video, don't forget to leave a like! World downloads of the world are in the description.


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