Long Rant – Let’s Talk About Patreon, Videos and My Haters

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32 Comments on "Long Rant – Let’s Talk About Patreon, Videos and My Haters"

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Hello peanut gallery! This is one of those videos where I want to run and hide after uploading. I know I'll get lots of shit for it. But most of the shit will be from those who are the exact type of people I'm complaining about in this video! lol People drive me nuts and completely wear me out. And for the record, I never ended up making my point in this video. All that talking and I never made my point. That's the way I do things. lol Oh, and for those who hate my swearing, there's I bit… Read more »

Still here…

I ordered some e-books simply because I thought you got something out of it. I didn’t realize you did the booklist for basically nothing. Those people’s comments are stupid, fuck ‘em. Thank you for your honesty Darlene. Much love.

Awesome young lady love it that you are real.

you know some people would bitch if you hung them with a new rope
do what makes happy

I became a patron because you give me $5 of entertainment and more. Glad to give the support.

I watched that video and you did not say that. God people are
amazing. It's your platform not theirs🌺

Artists have to stick up for themselves and make a living. I appreciate that you share these free videos and people who expect more without paying are just dreaming! I have a hard time getting paid for creative work sometimes people really do feel entitled to free stuff. You do fun videos, if I ever have some extra cash I would love to contribute, you are fun to hang out with… even if it is a one way conversation.

Thank you for your time here. I enjoy your videos. Good luck with what's next in your life!!!

I wish I could send you a "shit deflector" 🙂

Didn’t know there was a an age limit for YouTube!!……no one is too old…wtf…..

People…. uggggh. Some of those comments you get… what the actual f**k! These people have no friggen clue! Preach on Darlene!

Hi Darlene, there are only 24 hours in a day, some people should remember that. You work so hard at keeping your channels running smoothly with specific content. What I pledge to support you is no ones business but yours and mine. It is right what you say, the value people put on you and your content, it does make you realise they don’t give a damn really, as they wouldn’t pay to carry on watching to support you….. their loss I say 🙂 Carry on chick, you have a strong back for the knives!! Hope your preps are running… Read more »
Hello Darlene-you are great fuck them all with the negatively about you. I learned as a young child to be yourself and if people can’t listen and respect you with your life and honestly support you do not feel like you need to apologize for your life and what you do with it. I just wish I could be your therapist for one day. LOL. I am new at this with you but I feel like I know you already. I am so you and feel special for you messaging me. I’ve heard you say you can’t answer everyone so… Read more »

Hi darlene i havent been subscribed to you very long but you are a great person. Love your quilts and some of your recipes. You go girl. Have a fantastic day.

I extremely enjoyed your videos I love them all and as I know you continue to do what you’ve always done and the hell with the rest of them I’m excited about your trip to Memphis thank you for taking the time to share your material with us. personally I love patreon thanks

I'm new to your channel. I love watching you being you. Keep up the entertainment and education.

Darlene you have one of the most wonderful channels I have watched your woman after my own heart don't change a thing and don't let anybody make you feel ashamed or guilty you have done nothing wrong

The maturity of older women is priceless and the world needs us 😀

You're a lovely honest person, greed is not part of it. 🙂 You are creative and very encouraging. I can buy everything I want here in Australia and I don't get involved with your fabric frenzy – sometimes postage or delivery is too much just here in Australia…

I love youtube and Patreon and being an Australian…

I appreciate your revealing the background of making youtube videos, In USA having an income is as important as it is in the rest of the world… I found another youtuber who got 'demonetized' for making videos about a very poisonous spider he was keeping as a pet… very dangerous pet…

All of the assholes should go watch Granny Pottymouth. Everyone should check out Granny's channel.
I've been sewing (BADLY), mainly because of you.
Thank you.

You do not have to take "SHIT" from anybody. Don't get upset about stupid people Darlene, not worth it. Pat (England) x

No matter what, there will always be someone(s) who have to bitch. Ignore them, be who you are and keep on moving forward.

Thanks Darlene for ranting. I swear we are related. Just keep being you.

I am sorry that you're frustrated. I am new to your channel. Sometimes​ people are so rude.

Darlene haven't been sub to your channel that long but I Love watching you. You are real to the point and don't take S***T. You do what you have to do. As soon as I can I am becoming a patreon to your channel. Have a Blessed Night 😍💜⭐

You light up my day you always pick me up and i love your honesty so many fake people out there that do nothing but cause trouble but its easy to ignore those asses you are great thanks darlene

People can go get bent! Cameras cost money; programs to run, upload ect cost money and you have every right to charge for your time!!!!!! Let me tell you if they were spending their own personal time they would absolutely want to earn money doing it! If you want to quit a series you have the right to!!!!! Other you tubers would cut anything that doesn't make money!!!!! If people want free e books they can look on the Internet for them!!!! They can spend their own time looking for them! People are down right lazy and think they are… Read more »

Great video and there are a lot of the You Tubers that have Patreon , and I don`t think that it is anyone`s business what you do. I hope that you have a very blessed and wonderful weekend tyfs

Darlene, I so enjoye listening to you. Those people that are complaining will constantly find something to complain about. Why can't you choose not to continue something that is yours? If you had a t.v. show and it was discontinued, the audience would just have to deal with it. Why should your's be any different? Continue disregarding these people. Not all of us are as stupid as some of them are. If they don't like your cussing, quit watching! Come on people, get a life! Hang in there Darlene! And enjoy your vacation!!

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