How To Build A Facebook Ad 2018 (Beginners Facebook Ads Tutorial)

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3 Comments on "How To Build A Facebook Ad 2018 (Beginners Facebook Ads Tutorial)"

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Who is excited to get their Facebook Ads up and running? 😀🙋‍♂️ Give me a HELL YEAH if you are going to get your ads set up!

Hope you enjoyed the video, if you did, give it a like! And ask any questions below 😀

I would appreciate your support on this , please.Recently I had some problems with FaceBook. I did one campaign about online marketing coaching. Then I picked Digital Marketing as interests and a couple of internet marketing groups that I could find. I used the help of the facebook audience insights tool.I figured out that PPC feature wasn't accessible until I spent $12 on a campaign. I had it running for a couple of hours and got ONE click. Fck me. couldn't go on with that campaign.I learned how to lower my CPM. Made a new campaign. Facebook locked me out… Read more »

Great content Chris… subscribed!


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